Per an article in The News, Northland Edition, dated June 27, 1979, the Northland Jaycees 13th annual Fourth of July parade’s theme was “Yankee Heritage.” The parade would start at 2pm in the Gold Circle parking lot by Morse & Karl and head north on Karl to the Big Bear parking lot at SR 161. The grand marshal was George Sisler, general manager of the Columbus Clippers.

Based on that article, the 1st parade would have been in 1967 which makes the 2023 parade the 57th annual if it was held every year. We know it was not held every year as COVID cancelled it twice.

Creating The Parade’s Logo:
The 59th parade planning committee of 2023 decided the parade needs to have a logo. Several people on this committee expressed their ideas and suggestions. After a couple rounds of modifications, it was agreed upon that this design shall be the logo:

Parade Logo