Volunteers are working to preserve our parade’s history. If you have any information or photos from previous parades, please let us know via email. Thanks!

Creating The Parade’s Logo:
The 59th parade planning committee of 2023 decided the parade needs to have a logo. Several people on this committee expressed their ideas and suggestions. After a couple rounds of modifications, it was agreed upon that this design shall be the logo:

Parade Logo

From What We’ve Been Told

The parade started in 1962 within the Forest Park subdivisions of Franklin County. The Columbus Jaycees took it over for many years. One of their last acts before closing was to hand the parade over to the Northland Community Council. From what we’ve been told, the parade has happened every year.

From What We Know

Our 57th annual parade happened in 2019. A certain pandemic then caused the parade to be cancelled in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, we held our 58th parade.

Parade Info & Photos by Year