Parade Monitors

Claim one of the about 50 telephone poles on the now 1.5 mile parade route to be your spot to:
  • Encourage participants that are falling behind to speed up & faster participants to slow down. Use telephone poles as the ideal distance between participants.
  • Warn participants to stop throwing candy from vehicles.
  • Make sure spectators don’t run into the street.
  • Encourage spectators to spread out so not everyone is at an intersection. Remind spectators that they’ll get more “goodies” when they spread out.

Your Rewards

  • If we can work out the details, you’ll get a free tee shirt!
  • You get to watch the parade with an unobstructed view with a loved one or friend!
  • If we can work out these details, you will choose a well-behaved spectator to receive a gift that the parade volunteers will hand you at the end of the parade.
– include your shirt size